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With Imposing Nature, 120ha primeval forest at an altitude of 1300m, Suoi Thac Tu Son looks like Sa Pa and is cool like Da Lat. Coming here, you’ll enjoyed space by majestic mountains and forests, they pround of nine waterfalls as Tien Tam Waterfall, Au Co waterfall lake, Quan Lang Mat Waterfall, Ut Lot Waterfall, Bac Waterfall, Trieu Phu Waterfall, Thuong Ngan Waterfall, Mau Waterfall, Thien Ngoc Thach Waterfall, relax, camp fire or enjoy special traditional foods with Muong’s unique cultural identity…


Upstream of Suoi Thac Tu Son at an altitude of 1300m compared with sea level, mountains and waterfalls is imposing, remnant left is a giant petrified eggs. Tourists can see the image of a mother hugging a package of one hundred eggs with melancholy face looking at the direction of her husband and children in the sea lowland. Waterfalls flowed day and night through the years, created Lac Long Quan Lake to people born after swimming, bathing in love of the great family nation.






Quan Lang Mat Waterfall still resounding with image of waterfall stretching as a mat. In the old days, Mr Quan Lang - who the Muong Dong, has many talent, power - made a date sneaky with his honey beside romantic stream – a peaceful waterfall, no noisy. In dry seasons, they usually stretch a mat in the shadow of green trees to wallow in the waterfall. They were very amazed to discover that the waterfall loolked like their mat so much. Maybe, Quan Lang Mat Waterfall is a symbol of Quan Lang’s beautiful love that the ancients want to save in a legend.


            The ancients said that: In the nine storey waterfall area (now is Cuu Thac Tu Son), there was a beautiful and intelligent girl named Ut Lot who was the third daughter of Tu Lieng and Tu O. Her father looked sad because he hadn’t sons to attend Ke Cho King’s audience on his behalf, she disguised to do it. On the way, she met Ho Lieu who was son of other village mayor, he attend Ke Cho King, too. They became friends.
During the time in Imperial City, both of Ke Cho King and Ho Lieu didn’t know that she was a girl impersonating a boy. With intelligence and composure, Ut Lot escaped from  the tracking of them. When the attendance at the King’s audience ended, on the way coming home, Ut Lot appeared to be a beautiful, charming and gentle girl. And they fell in love each other, they made a date on stream. Dreamlike stream witnessed the beautiful love and swears of the couple. This story (about Ut Lot & Ho Lieu) is told by the ancients in Kim Boi, Hoa Binh. However, their love didn’t have a happy ending, Ho Lieu couldn’t marry Ut Lot because when Ho Lieu came back home, his family had found a wife for him. Loving Ut Lot so much but couldn’t marry her, Ho Lieu was so sad that he got sick and passed away. Ut Lot was also very sad. She sat beside the stream – full of their love – and swears everyday waiting for Ho Lieu and pass away.
The soul of them changed into two white butterflies flying on the stream every Lunar April. On that love stream, there is still the image of Ut Lot holding a water pipe on the package of wild leaves waiting for Ho Lieu and changing into stone.


                             There is a poem describing that the source of Suoi Thac and the well
                             Long Cung are very rare beauty spots
                             Coming here, tourists will be very amazed at their
                             Beauty and have a feeling that Tu Son looks like heaven

The ancients told that: In the old days, Cu Hamlet had dry fields, a pregnant woman courageously passed 9 mountains to the highest peak, fixed silver knife into the ground, a water flow appeared and burst into a lake (Ba Dang pond). A flow ran to Kim Tien, deposited and became a source of gold sand, another flow ran to Muong Thang – Cao Phong and the biggest flow passed 9 mountains to Tu Son, creating an imposing 9 floor waterfall area which is always sparking in 4 seasons of the year and creates a cool climate due to steam dust from different altitudes (the legend about a silver sparking knife and the 9 floor waterfall area in the white cloud covering this area in four seasons of the year). Up to now, this area has been an attractive ecotourism area to domestic and foreign tourists, become a non – smoke industrial factory, a meaningful “treasury” named Bac Waterfall from in the old days.


             Long Cung Cave – a old stream – is flowed from Ba Dang pond (3 – branch lake). Soil and stone falling down above made the source stuck and changed the direction of the flow. That stream became a fanciful cave. Now there remain water drops making visitors feel cool in the legend about the mother fingding the water source and becoming a dragon. Coming here, tourists can feel the image of the mother holding her baby and changing into stone.



             From Long Cung Cave, passing a bridge with gentle breezes and small murmuring streams, tourists meet 200 meandering stone stairs among green trees leading pleasantly to the heaven gate which is a garden area, a cool climate like one of Da Lat




The Royal Garden is a new space with the height compared to the sea water level 1000m. The weather is cool, fresh and pleasant when the tourists go for a walk at noon in hot summer.

  1. At the stream side, there are many mini houses on stilts with the herd of stone elephants bathing in the clean & clear stream.
  2. At the side of solemn mountain is the color of ripe plum of the tile, where the spirit of upper source has been reflecting into the Ngoc lake for thousands of years.
  3. In the clear stream bed, the cobbles roll under the tourists’ legs. Natural bathing pools make the tourists forget the time to catch the helix on the cliff at the stream side and give the partner a hot shellfish on the stream bank.

               * Royal Garden Area:

               There is a mansion on the top of the cascade. At 2 sides andn undemeath, there are 2 cascades sparkly stream out as if it lifted the Vong Canh chamber up the sky with clouds. That is a Vong Canh chamber. The tourists sit on Vong Canh chamber, release the spirit with natural landscape. It seems to be a paradise.

                * Tien Sa Lake:

              Next is a murmuring stream, the sound of gibbons and birds lead the tourists to Tien Sa lake with the width 300m2, boys and girls can swim and dive in pleasure at the foot of Truong Phu waterfall – an imposing waterfall dropping into Tien Sa lake. On Tien Sa lake, Ngoc well pours white silver continuously day and night, merit of Father as Thai Son mountain, intelligence and nobility of mind of Father as Truong Phu hero.


 At the foot of waterfall, when you see at the sky, you will see the green, perfectly round, huge stone, there is a yellow light, this stone is held between 2 cliffs where the light inserts as it hanged from the sky. Seeing from the below, it seems to be going to fall down into the Underwater Palace.



 Being a huge, fanciful space in the drew, cold water, covering the superb green pearl in the middle of Underwater Palace Cave. Many kinds of flowers with splendid colors express with the tourists in the surrounding the cave..
- Looking up, we will see: Thien Ngoc Thach waterfall is arranged with stones. Who did attempt the impossible? Why did Meteorites drop? Why were they hanged in the mid air?
-Underwater Palace area, Thien Ngoc Thach waterfall are fanciful, imposingly, attract the tourists. It is unique, awarded by the God.

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