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Ethnic Specialties

Traditional national dish of this place, it is the barbecue, steamed water ways such as grilled fish, grilled chicken, beef, pork .... suitable for each season. Depend on the conditions and situations, local people will choose the foods to welcome the tourists in festivals or holiday. Despite of the different way of processing, the roasted fish is the talent combination between thenatural materials, from main materials to spices are very special.

Bamboo-tube rice

Bamboo-tube rice is soft and well – cookde with a sweet-tasting, you have to use the chopsticks to cut into peaces.

Smoked Pork

- Is a quite simple food with the neglected mark as traditional food of Hoa Binh mountainous people. Pigs are raised freely in natural environment with vegetable, bulbs, fruits. After cutting for pig blood, not as the usual process, people use the branches of bamboos. After cutting for pig blood, not as the usual process, people use the branches of bamboos, alang grass or straw to burn like bunrned bulls, dogs. After burning, usinga knife to clean the hair.

 - After burning pigs, clean before slaughtering to take the pig interestines out, then hang the meat up to drain. Then cut the pig meat and put boil pot on the cooker with suitable temperature. When the meat is done to a turn, put it out and cut into thin peaces and arrange on the green leaf of banana tree. The smell of the hot boiled meat spreads everywhere. The boiled pig meat is eaten with salt and Doi seed (as green pepper). When you eat the first peace, you will feel the sweet tasting of meat, buttery tasting of pigskin and fat pig meat, the smell of the green leaf of banana tree, tasting of Doi seed, salty tasting of fried salt .

Bantam broil

Steamed chicken

Roasted fish – unique traditional food

This is a unique, tasteful, nutritious traditional food with strange taste for the tourists. For the roasted fish meal, people often roast the big carps, sesames, amurs with 1kg or 1.5kg weight. Clean the fish, slaughter from backbone, put the intestine out, rub the salt in and out the fish. The scenting fish is a secret of the local people, making the fish have a special taste. This roasted fish is not used with too much alpinia, ferment, crocus because these spices will drown the fresh & delicious taste of fish. With some Mac Khen (a kind of spices), green chillies, onion, garlic, coriandrum sativum, fennel, all these are mixed and stuffed into stomach, then use the bamboo stick to roast on the coal.

Bamboo shoot stuffed with meat

The bamboo shoot is a main meal of mountainous people, can be used after drying up. The mountainous meal will become tasteless without bamboo shoot.

Biter bamboo


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